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Economic development

The city recognises the important role that the local business community plays in the wellbeing of Subiaco. By engaging collaboratively with the business community the city supports businesses and works to achieve economic development throughout the city.

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Place Development

The City of Subiaco's Place Development branch incorporates economic development, marketing, business development, place making and public art.

Place development is the process of making places more economical, liveable and socially cohesive. Place development is usually undertaken with a mixture of private, public and business organisations working together on projects, initiatives and reactivation of public space for the benefit of residents, shoppers, tourists, investors, property developers or business owners. 

Specified Area Rate (SAR)

The specified area rate (SAR) is an extra rate that has been levied on properties in the Subiaco Town Centre to fund marketing and promotion in the area since 1998.

In 2014, council endorsed a revised funding model for town centre marketing activities, in line with the city's new place management approach. The rate was initially reduced by 30 per cent for the 2014/15 financial year. There will be a further reduction in the SAR by 30 per cent in 2015/16 and a phasing out of the SAR by 2016/2017.

Economic Development Strategy 2013–2017

The City of Subiaco is reviewing the current Economic Development Strategy and is looking to the local business community for consultation on the future economic direction for the city. This strategy has strong links to the city’s Corporate Business Plan, and sets out a number of strategies to guide the city and relevant stakeholders in driving local economic activity and programs for 2013-2017. 

Due for review in 2017, a number of factors including the current economic environment and the impending boundary adjustment required by the City of Perth Act 2016, have prompted an early review to ensure the document remains relevant and is aligned with the city’s other strategic documents including the Corporate Business Plan and the Strategic Financial Plan.

The city has appointed a consultant to assist the city with the review. David Duncanson from Kirkgate Consulting is an experienced consultant in creating economic development strategies and recently completed a Retail and Hospitality Assessment of the Subiaco Town Centre.

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An integral component of developing the strategy is consultation with the business community, providing the community with an opportunity to voice their opinions and help shape the economic future of Subiaco. This valuable information will assist the city in creating an Economic Development Strategy that will stimulate business activity and meet the current and future needs of the community.

Members of the Subiaco business community are invited to contribute ideas and provide direct input into the city’s review of the strategy at one-on-one interviews with consultant David Duncanson. To express interest in this valuable consultation process, contact David on david@kirkgate.com by Friday 3 June 2016 to arrange the meeting or for more information on the review contact chrisd@subiaco.wa.gov.au 

Download the Economic Development Strategy 2013–2017 (PDF, 4.8MB).

Retail and Hospitality Assessment

The city's Retail and Hospitality Assessment of the Subiaco Town Centre establishes ways the city and the business community can work together to:

  • improve the mix of retail, hospitality and services in the town centre
  • increase the number of visitors to the town centre
  • improve the vitality and vibrancy of the town centre retail and hospitality precincts.

The report presents a number of key findings and recommendations. Many of these recommend actions are already being undertaken by the city, and others will be subject to future budget and council decisions.

Download the Retail and Hospitality Assessment – June 2015 (PDF, 838KB)

Subiaco Town Centre Network

The Subiaco Town Centre Network, formed in 2015, includes representatives from the Subiaco business community, the Western Suburbs Business Association and the City of Subiaco. The network seeks to promote a positive image of Subiaco to the wider community and establish a collaborative approach towards activation initiatives to revitalise the town centre.

The Subaico Town Centre Network meet to consider short, medium and long term actions to address current trends and challenges in the Subiaco Town Centre. Though there are some actions the city will be responsible for and others that rest with individual businesses, there is strong agreement for a collective responsibility to work towards a shared vision of business sustainability and promotion of the town center in Subiaco.

The business representatives on the network, listed below, provide a point of contact, and a resulting voice to the collective views of the local business community.

  • Carolena Boyd - Avanti Residential
  • Murray Kimber - Chutney Mary's
  • Emma McArthy - Table Culture
  • Gerry Alleaume - Matesrates
  • Kim Knight - Regal Theatre
  • Jennifer Than-Htay - Verve Business Management

Economic Business and Sustainability Committee

The Economic and Business Sustainability Committee is an advisory committee of council. The role of the committee is to assist the city to encourage and support economic development activity.

For more information visit the advisory committees page.

Western Suburbs Business Association

The Western Suburbs Business Association (formerly the Subiaco Business Association) is a member-based organisation that delivers member benefits to local business. This includes member advocacy as well as networking and business development opportunities.

Becoming a member of the Western Suburbs Business Association is a great way to get involved in the local business community. To find out more about how membership can benefit you and your business visit www.wsba.net.au

Business development initiatives

All levels of government provide programs, grants and assistance to develop business in Australia. Please visit the Business support page for more information.