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2016-17 budget


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BudgetFlyerWEB-1.jpgThe breakdown

Council adopted the 2016-17 budget at a Special Council Meeting on Tuesday 19 July, endorsing a 4.1 per cent rate increase. The increase accounts for a normal operational increase of 1 per cent and 3.1 per cent as a direct result from the City of Perth Act.
We’ve made significant changes to keep this year’s rate rise to a minimum. In a tough economic climate, and faced with the financial fallout of the Act, we’ve reduced our annual operating budget by $3 million, while working hard to continue delivering valuable services to the community and securing a bright and stable future for the city.

Find out more about what's in store over the next twelve months in the 2016-17 budget breakdown (PDF, 5.6MB) below.

Our focus

Our focus over the next twelve months is the completion of the Rokeby Road upgrade and other projects to revitalise the Subiaco Town Centre, capital works programs including drainage improvements, road renewal, parks and reserves projects and a number of community and environmental initiatives. 

Rates explained

Rate increase

4.1 per cent


1 per cent

City of Perth Act

3.1 per cent

Your rates help keep Subiaco connected, create a sustainable and attractive city, and support strong communities and businesses. To minimise the impact of the City of Perth Act while keeping rates at a minimum we have:

  • reduced operating costs
  • abolished the specified area rate that applied to properties in the town centre zone
  • restructured underground power loan repayments.
For more information about your rates visit the rates page.

Budget highlights

As well as the core services the city delivers to the community, key capital projects this financial year will help secure the city's future as a vibrant inner-city community. 

TownCentre.jpg Roads.jpg Parks-(1).jpg
Lighting.jpg Carparks.jpg Drainage.jpg

Operating expenditure

Roads and drainage

$10.2 million

24 %

Community amenity

$6.7 million

16 %

Economic development

$2.5 million

6 %

Law, order and public safety

$1 million

2 %

Community services

$3.2 million

7 %

Land and property

$1.8 million

4 %

Council and governance

$2 million

5 %

Grants and sponsorships

$1 million

2 %

Environmental and public health

$0.8 million

2 %

Lords, parks and library

$14 million

32 %


Operating revenue

Rates and grants

$23.3 million

53 %

Community services

$1.3 million

3 %

Waste charges

$4.9 million

11 %

Lords, park and library

$4.3 million

10 %

Roads and parking

$4.8 million

11 %

Economic services

$0.2 million

1 %

Other property and services         

$4.8 million

11 %

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