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nullHave your say Subiaco is the City of Subiaco's online community engagement hub and is where you can view:

If you live, work, visit or study in the City of Subiaco, then we invite you to share your ideas and comments on projects and issues that interest you.

Current projects open for public comment

The following projects are currently open for public comment and we welcome you to have your say:

Seeking comment on the city's draft Positive Ageing Plan 2017-2021

The population of older people in Subiaco is increasing and, as the community ages, the city recognises the importance of access to appropriate support and services for all.

In response to this, the city has developed a draft Positive Ageing Plan 2017-2021 (available to view in the document library on Have Your Say Subiaco). The plan has been guided by best practice models of local governments throughout Australia, insights into the city's demographic profile and community consultation.

The city is now seeking your comment via a short online survey in review of the draft Positive Ageing Plan 2017-2021 to ensure it relfects the desires of the community.

Consultation closes Tuesday 18 April 2017.

For further information please visit the draft Positive Ageing Plan 2017-2021 project page on Have Your Say Subiaco.

Help us develop a plan for the city's heritage - Heritage Strategic Plan

The city is preparing a Heritage Strategic Plan to guide the management of the city's rich and unique heritage and celebrate it into the future. The plan will provide a framework for the preservation of the city's heritage across four key areas. Community involvement in the development of this strategic plan is important. There will be a number of opportunities for the community and stakeholders to thave their say throughout the process. 

The city invites you to complete the online survey, or use the places feature to add a historic object (art, artifact) or place (buildings, streetscapes, landscapes) that you value within the city. 

Consultation closes Friday 24 March 2017. 

For further information please visit the project page. 

Think2030 – reviewing the citys' Strategic Community Plan

All comments gathered through the online survey at www.think2030.com.au, hard-copy surveys, postcards and via the city’s Facebook page are currently being crunched by an independent consultant.

A summary report of the consultation data and any emerging trends, new or modified objectives, and strategies and ideas for the city's Strategic Community Plan will be presented to the city. A draft Strategic Community Plan that takes into consideration all Think2030 feedback, as well as other recent and relevant consultation projects, will be presented to council to seek endorsement for further community consultation to take place.
Community consultation is expected to occur in April 2017 as we seek feedback on the revised draft Strategic Community Plan. Finalisation of the plan will then take place and is expected to be presented to council for adoption in May/June 2017. For further information please visit the project page. 

Formal submissions open for public comment

If you would like to make a formal written submission on items such as local laws, scheme amendments, significant development applications, heritage items, business plans and planning policies you can visit the formal submissions hub on Have your say Subiaco.

All formal submission projects currently open for public comment are listed below:

Past projects of interest

Projects previously open for community engagement are listed below. To see the full list of past projects please visit Have your say Subiaco.

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