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Lake Jualbup upgrade

This page provides an overview of the Lake Jualbup redevelopment project planned for 2017/18.

Council has allocated $1.4 million to this project in this year's budget and the redevelopment works will make a significant improvement to the lake and surrounds. The city will be working with the community to complete all of these works to the highest quality and aims minimise to impact to the adjacent residents and visitors to the lake. It is anticipated that all of the works outlined will be delivered in full during the 2017/18 financial year. 

For a comprehensive overview of work-to-date the city and other stakeholders in relation to maintaining an adequate permanent body of water in Lake Jualbup, please visit the Lake Jualbup page.  

Project overview

The city has recently appointed a civil contractor to undertake the redevelopment works at Lake Jualbup and surrounds. Construction planning is currently underway and works have tentatively been scheduled to commence in late November 2017. The duration of the works is expected to be approximately 14 weeks. Detailed information about the works, which will include contact details for city staff and its contractors, will be made available prior to works commencing and works progress will be updated on this page throughout the course of construction.
Outlined below is a summary of the work scope for the three separate zones. Zones 1 and 2 will be completed by the city's contractor as part of the redevelopment contract, whilst Zone 3 will be carried out dependent upon available funds following completion of the first two zones. 

Zone 1 – Lake hydrology

Due to concerns with loss of water within the lake and subsequent investigations that revealed water infiltration through the wall, a new limestone block retaining wall will be constructed approximately 1.2 metres to 1.4 metres high to replace the existing wall. In addition a section of the existing lake bed adjacent to the wall will be replaced with a natural clay layer to further reduce the likelihood of infiltration.
To accommodate the new wall, modifications to the existing drainage infrastructure will be undertaken. The Water Corporation outlet on the north west section of the lake will not be subject to any alteration in terms of changing the outlet invert levels, and the new limestone retaining wall will transition into the Water Corporation outlet structure. A new footpath of 100 mm thickness will also be constructed along the top of the wall to provide for connectivity to either side of the reserve.

Zone 2 – Lake foreshore

The existing northern retaining wall will be removed and replaced with a sloped embankment with extensive planting within both the water body and to the embankment. A gradient of 1 in 5 has been adopted, which limits erosion, and the plantings will further reduce erosion and improve the aesthetics of the lake. The lake bed, between 7 and 7.5 metres in front of the face of the existing retaining wall, will also be lined with natural clay to minimise infiltration on the lake periphery.

Zone 3 – Lake surrounds (subject to available funds after zones 1 and 2 are completed)

To improve pedestrian and cycling connectivity around the lake, reserve and surrounding road network, a series of paths will be constructed. As part of this design, and in accordance with the city’s approved Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP), the design drawings for these paths were submitted to an independent consultant to assess for compliance against current Disability Access Standards.

Additional information


The planning phase for this project has been ongoing for many years with significant work undertaken by city staff, community stakeholders and consultants to gain the necessary environmental approvals, including a Section 18 Minister's Consent under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 and a comprehensive Management Plan to be in a position whereby works are now programmed to commence.


Along with these 3 zones, which will form part of the contract with the appointed civil contractor, the city (through a different contract) will be implementing an upgrade of the lighting system within the reserve as the current park lighting has reached the end of its useful life and requires replacing. Separate liaison with the community through the design phase with an anticipated installation on the new lighting to be completed in May and June of this financial year will take place. An irrigation replacement program that will see Lake Jualbup upgraded in line with the redevelopment works to the reserve is also programmed.