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City of Subiaco united against City of Perth Bill’s forced boundary change
Thursday 21 January 2016

The City of Subiaco strongly opposes the City of Perth Bill and the detrimental impact it will have on the whole Subiaco community. A key focus of the bill is the forced boundary change which leaves the City of Subiaco and its community severely disadvantaged.
The legislation would force 3000 City of Subiaco residents south of Aberdare Road to become part of the City of Perth.
The City of Subiaco is committed to keeping Subiaco whole and our primary concern is for the residents, many of whom have indicated their desire to remain part of the City of Subiaco.   
The bill would also see a loss of $44 million for the City of Subiaco over the next ten years, forcing a potential rate increase on remaining residents, cuts to services and staff losses.
The legislation was announced without any consultation with the City of Subiaco or the community and there has been no formal means or opportunity to reverse or alter the decision.
All Western Australian local governments need to be aware of the significant ramifications of a forced boundary change, which under the current legislation could happen to any local government in WA.
Currently sitting in the Upper House, if the City of Perth Act comes into effect, over 1300 rateable properties will transfer to the City of Perth.