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WA first: Lake water 'baffled' by new gross pollutant trap at Mabel Talbot Reserve
Wednesday 5 April 2017

As part of the city’s ongoing commitment to improving the quality of water in our water bodies, we’ve installed a new gross pollutant trap or ‘baffle box’ in Mabel Talbot Reserve. At more than five metres long and four metres wide, the baffle box is the largest of its kind in Western Australia.

How does it work?

The trap treats run-off water to reduce the amount of sediment and number of pollutants that enter Lake Mabel Talbot.
There is a separating screen system in the centre of the box that filters out large debris (leaves, sticks, litter etc) and slows the flow of water through the stormwater pipe to allow time for sediment to settle at the base of the box.
The baffle box has also been fitted with a perspex and stainless steel cover, allowing passers-by to see the WA-first system in operation.

During storm flow

After storm flow

During.JPG After.JPG