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Residential green waste removal

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The city offers an on-demand greens collection for residents to reduce greens going to landfill. Changes have been made to the service, with updated outlined below. Please ensure you've read the information below before requesting a collection.

Green waste collection

Please note: On-demand green waste collection is for residents only, and is not a bulk waste collection. Size requirements must be adhered to for the green waste to be removed. If the pile is larger than the size specifications outlined below, it will not be removed. Split oversized piles will not be removed. Greens from residential complexes and multi-unit developments are subject to the same size requirements.  

You can book a greens collection by completing the online form below or leave your details on the 24-hour, seven days a week telephone answering service call 9387 0999 and record your address, daytime contact number and information regarding the location of your green waste collection.

This service is for residential prunings only, Green waste generated by commercial tree loppers/contractors will not be removed by the city, and must be removed by the contractor. 

Rubbish tip passes

Rubbish tip passes are available from the Administration Centre for disposal at Brockwaste Transfer Station. Tip passes are $41 each, with a maximum of two per property each year. Passes can be used for green waste or other general items. 

What will the city remove?


The city will remove

The city will not remove

Loose greens (fresh lawn, flower, shrub clippings,
eaves, and weeds with no sand) in the city's approved greens collection bags 
only. These are available from the city's Administration Centre for a cost of $4.40 each

Tree branches and pruning's no more than 1.5 metres in length placed on the verge with the cut end of the branch towards the kerb

Tree trunks or stumps no larger than 150mm in diameter and no heavier than 15kg

Greens piles no larger than 3 metres long x 1.5 metres wide x 1.5 metres high

Green waste contaminated with sand, soil or other waste

Loose items not in Subiaco bags

Note: If your collection does not meet the guidelines outlined above, you can place another collection request once the concerns have been rectified. 
The city will not remove piles larger than those stated in the requirements or waste from commercial tree loppers.  



How can I assist with collection? 

You can assist with collection by:

  • Ensuring the greens pile meets the specifications outlined above

  • Placing greens neatly on the verge and ensuring items can be easily handled by one person 

  • Placing your greens in an easily accessible area on the verge ensuring that they do not obstruct footpaths or other bin collection services

The greens will be collected within three to five working days dependent on demand at the time. For further information please contact the city's Service and Information on 9237 9222

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